Aztec Spins Slot Review

Aztec Spins Slot Review: RTP 95.71% (Red Tiger)

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Are you searching for the Aztec Spins slot review? This game may not have the most novel premise because a South American treasure search is a common possibility in slot machines, but we have no doubt that you will be far more thrilled with the variety of features that R7 and Red Tiger are providing here. 

It’s a terrific use of a fairly well-liked topic, and the position of the enormous wheel behind the playing field will leave an impression.

Summary of Aztec Spins Slot Review

With 6 reels and 4 symbols per column in Aztec Spins, the 30 active lines don’t feel like enough, but since wins can come from both directions, we can overlook this.

It is a medium-high volatility game with a maximum payout of 4,983 times the initial bet and a below-average RTP of 95.71%. The Aztec Wheel is the center of this game’s major features, and by spinning it again you can activate stacking multipliers, free spins, or locked symbols.

1. Wagering Options

You can choose your bet for the subsequent spin without actually considering the individual lines or the payouts for each one. Your betting options in Aztec Spins will be $0.20 to $20.

Payouts will be of a good amount of value without standing out particularly. It’s a decent offer for a slot with a rather high level of volatility, especially because it’s not severe in that regard, with close to 5,000x the stake paid out in one go.

We would also like to bring up the RTP, with which we are not quite satisfied given that its level was published at 95.71% (recommended is 96% or higher).

2. Slot Features

The Aztec Wheel is mostly responsible for bringing you the game’s features. Behind the reels, you can see the enormous wheel that will revolve and award you prizes. You need a 2×2 symbol of the wheel appearing on the third and fourth reels for it to start spinning. This symbol must be clearly seen.

One spin of the feature awards you with additional spins, locked symbols, stacking multipliers, or free spins.

The following winning spin will have its wins multiplied by 10x if the multipliers are activated. Before the winning spin, get more multipliers from the wheel so that you can accumulate up to 30x total multipliers. If you haven’t used the multiplier yet when you reach 30x, you will be given the option to spin the wheel again.

A Wheel spin could potentially result in a Locked Symbols feature. The symbol that will be used to cover the middle two reels is then displayed to you by the Wheel. It continues in this manner until you are paid with a combination. Subsequent spins lock new symbols of that type in their locations.

With 12 rounds and improved chances of getting the wheel to spin, free spins will be provided. The same Wheel can activate the bonus again by awarding 6 additional free spins.

3. Theme and Design

As one of the numerous ancient civilizations that are frequently used as the inspiration for such games, the Aztecs can be found in a number of slot machines. 

However, compared to the design of the majority of new slots, R7 and Red Tiger did a far better job with this one. Impressive is the enormous wheel that is visible behind the expansive gaming area. 

The quality of the symbols also contributes, and you can find both high value symbols like the Wheel and pyramids and low value Royals like the snakes and headbands.

Final Conclusion

Despite the fact that there is only one way to access the Wheel, the sole intriguing aspect of the slot machine, it is an engaging game, especially considering its features. Overall of Aztec Spins slot review, it’s worth taking a look at, but there are other, superior solutions. Try another game at situs judi slot online terbaik.

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